Amy (2015)

Rating: 6/10 (Not really shit at all).



A documentary following the life and career of Amy Winehouse up to her death in 2011.  Using recordings and interviews of friends, family and Amy herself, the film tracks her career from starting as a youth jazz singer right through to global superstar before her death.


MPAA Rating:

Rated R because of the filthy language used and casual drug usage… followed by more drug usage and then by some super heavy, oh crap drug usage.



Amy_Movie_PosterNo need to go to much into plot here.  Amy Winehouse was a controversial singer who died at the age of 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning.  This documentary tracks her life and career through personal videos, interviews and clips along with interviews with family and friends









I was a bit disappointed in this movie given the subject involved.  Winehouse was arguably the most talented vocalist to hit mainstream in the last 30 years and her fall from grace in the eyes of the media in the years prior to her death is pretty well documented.  We already know about the habitual drug use, the asshole husband/boyfriend, the rehab and the drunken antics.  What isn’t known to most is what happened in the early days prior to the frenzy. While this movie starts as though it will give us more of an indepth look at Amy’s early career and life, it quickly glosses over it to focus more on her stardom and inability to deal with the media circus that followed.

As far as the interviewees are concerned, very few can hold their head up high after this movie in my opinion.  With some exceptions, very few of the friends and family interviewed come across as genuine or sincere.  Doctors and psychiatrists giving what should be confidential information out in interviews, presumably for a fee, also lend a tabloidy feel to the thing.  In addition, several aspects of Amy’s life were completely left out of the story – starting her own record label in 2009 and her frequent charitable contributions for example.  Instead we are lead to believe that she was just a hobo junky for the latter part of her career.

This movie should score lower than it does, and it is definitely a far cry from other documentaries such as Senna and Muscle Shoals, but if there’s one element that cannot be faulted it’s the music.  From early Jazz recordings to more recent releases from Back to Black, the music will make the hairs on your neck stand up and for that alone it’s worth a watch.  6/10


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