When Nicky (Will Smith) tries to pull a large con a former flame, Jess (Margot Robbie) shows up and potentially puts a spanner in the works.  Now Nicky has to try and keep a professional and focused mindset so he can get the job done without his mushy feels getting in the way


MPAA Rating

Rated R for bad language, some skin (but not enough as far as we’re concerned) and a punch or two.


In order to throw the snowball, you must become the snowball

Jess (Margot Robbie) is a small time thief with big aspirations.  When she tries one of the oldest cons in the book on Nicky (Will Smith) he calls her out for being rubbish.  Jess begs Nicky to become her mentor and show her how to rob more than some poor schmo that’s only trying to have a drink in peace.  Nicky explains it’s all about focus (hence the title) and proceeds to steal everything on her person.


Reluctantly, Nicky takes Jess on board his team for his latest crime spree – a walk about through New Orleans on Superbowl week.  Jess proves her worth, stealing all around her and, you guessed it, Nicky’s heart in the process.  Aww.   Nicky and Jess get it on like it’s going out of fashion but shortly afterwards Nicky decides that love and deception don’t go hand in hand and leaves Jess in a car on the side of the highway with a couple of bucks (well, more than a couple)


The Fresh Prince of new Orleans
Is that a giant crown in the swimming pool? Ah Formula 1!

Cut to years later and Nicky is running an elaborate con in the world of Formula 1 motor racing – one of the many sports where they have more money than sense.  One of the major F1 teams has developed a fuel saving algorithm that could win them the championship but in order to ensure victory, they have hired Nicky to sell a fake version to a rival team.  Nicky has the play all figured out until he realizes that his new boss’s girlfriend is none other than Jess!  Oh No!  That’s where it all falls apart and Nicky’s mushy feelings get in the way of his normally slick and professional attitude.


Can Nicky keep his hands off Jess’ nice booty long enough to get the job done?  Will the new fuel algorithm make F1 fun and exciting again?  Unlikely


  • There is chemistry between Smith and Robbie
  • Slick and moves along quite well
  • The… scenery is… nice… ah, you know what I’m talkin bout!


  • Smacks of Oceans 11/12/13 drudgery in that it treats you like a bit of an idiot at times
  • Overplays the emotional elements – Will Smith is just a bit too moody
  • At one point Nicky tells Jess that she doesn’t know how to be sexy when she was clearly, clearly being sexy!



Let’s face it, if Margot Robbie came up to me in a tight dress looking to rob me, I don’t think I’d have a problem.  Will Smith for that matter too.  These are two very beautiful people and they are both very charming and slick in this movie.  I don’t have a problem with the two leads in this movie, I like Will Smith and I like Margot Robbie (although in two completely different ways).   What I don’t like about this movie is that it dumbs things down Ocean’s 11 style, all the while still thinking it’s clever.  If a movie is trying to be complex and mysterious then it would be nice if we were given sufficient information along the way to figure it all out (if we’re smart enough).  But we’re not given that info, just so they can surprise us at the end – but instead I just felt like I’d been duped.  I can just see the director’s face now, all smug thinking he’s so clever.  Makes me damn mad!  Like I just watched two hours of Margot Robbie running around in dresses and swim suits for nothing… I guess I’m not that mad.

The trailer for this movie made it look like it was going for a 3 out of 10 – a sort of Hitch meets Ocean’s 11, but in truth it wasn’t actually that bad so it’s getting bumped up. 5/10